herb lubalin archives at cooper union
courtesy of mike essl, i was lucky enough to visit the herb lubalin archives at cooper union. needless to say flipping through herbs flat files was a dream come true. seeing so much work i have been exposed to for so long start in the baby stages of a ink sketch on tracing paper (along with a boatload of unseen/unused concepts - like a preliminary MTV logo!) was humbling. he is the true embodiment of a commercial artist and creative director that knew how to map out his ideas for his cohorts (mainly petholick and carnase). the best part is - the archives are totally open to the public. you can go and not only flip through his work, but the work of otl aicher, herbert bayer, and many others. they have an absurd collection of slides and full collections of avant garde, U&LC, fact, etc... way too much to list. needless to say a couple hours was not enough time. ill be going back for sure. you should go check it out too.

also see the poster shots i took over on mikes blog here:
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