The 5th Dimension
The 5th Dimension series is a trip through time and space, in which an alternate history of Chicago is warped by a pervasive cloud of the odd and the unusual. Taking place in the 1950’s, I create narrative imagery hearkening back to the golden-age of science-fiction, paying homage to classic programs such as the Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits.

These pieces examine the way in which certain contextual alterations (i.e. alien technology being used for consumer products, mutants and monsters becoming normal members of society, etc.) could change both the physical and cultural landscapes, and how society might adapt to these changes. This new version of Chicago functions as a framework for a discourse on subjects such as predatory big business, the frivolous uses of advanced technology, and societal regard for “the other”.

Each image functions as a unique standalone narrative, but can also interact with other pieces in the series to make up larger and more extensive plot lines. These inter-connections (i.e. the Moray’s brand, monsters in human situations, etc.) are meant to encourage the viewer to investigate and speculate on possible relationships, and to provide more in-depth exploration of the fictional universe.

In a world where big businesses such as Apple change the way we interact with both the world and each other every few months, or technologies like the Internet create problems at the same rate that they solve them, the 5th dimension series exists as an exaggeration of issues that we confront everyday. In this alternative framing of contemporary issues, where absurdity pushes them past their logical implications, perhaps some hidden darkness, poignancy or humor can reveal itself.
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