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Maureen Album.Page 05.01.Slightly Repaired Version | by johnjt44
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Maureen Album.Page 05.01.Slightly Repaired Version

Tierney Family Outing at Coney Island circa 1920

This is a slightly repaired image with the left quarter shifted up to its original position.

(I think little Annie-split-in-two would have appreciated that.)


You can find a completely repaired version of this photo here.


Because of the folds in this photo I believe it was cut out of the original album it was in and is still glued to the coarse black paper. I am very curious to know if anything is written on the back, but I am hesitant to remove the black paper until I research the best technique to do so without damaging the photo more than it is.


You can see the untouched version here:


I think the roller coaster in the back must be the pre-Cyclone "Giant Racer" which was there from 1911 to 1926.


Known People

My grandmother Mary (May) Egan Tierney is sitting on left with step-daughter Sabina on her lap. In front of her from left to right I believe that are Sabina's siblings Annie and John Jr.


My grandfather John (Jack) Tierney (the above named children's father) is kneeling in tank top to the right of Mary.

Mary's uncle James Farrell is sitting on front right with hat and glasses.


The rest are educated guesses:

Older woman sitting in front: John's mother Anna (Annie) McDonald Tierney.

Woman sitting in right rear: John's sister Margaret Tierney Gleason. (Rethinking this one, as the man on right doesn't appear to be John Gleason from other photos supplied by a cousin.)


Think that might make the man kneeling in rear right her husband John Gleason and the right 3 children sitting their kids: Marie, John and Edmund (not sure who's who if it is them.)


Man standing in rear is in other closeup photos of this event and is a question mark: possibly John's brother Edward aka Michael? Or maybe an Uncle since he looks older? When you look closely, his shirt has an "H" on the left side of his stomach above the belt.


In the enlarged version it seems to me that Jack Tierney and the mystery man standing in the rear have some similar features. Or maybe its just that squinty face everyone makes at the beach.


Other note:

In the larger version it looks to me that the girl sitting front right and the woman sitting in the front right part of the tent have the same eyes which I thought strengthened my theory that the right three kids are hers and she is Jack's sister Margaret (Maud.) Problem: we believe the oldest Gleason daughter would have been younger than this girl appears. Also, from a comparison photo she appears to look very much like my Grandma's daughter Elizabeth. Hmm.

(His sister Anne Tierney O'Malley only had 2 children at this time.)


Original photo name:

Maureen Album.Page 05.01.1200dpi.FIXED LEFT SIDE 50% Reduction

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Taken on May 3, 2010