Pecha Kucha GBG Vol #12
Thursday the 29:th of January 2009. Pecha Kucha GBG returned to The Gothenburg Internation Film Festival and the film festival tent in hope of more space for guests, but it got full anyway. The presentations were follwed by the club Cheesy Not Cheesy. The Gothenburg duo Tennishero served the music, the world's first CJ (Cheese Jockey) Cheeseboy served high quality cheese and some deli snacks from Ridderheims.

Speakers: Japanese artist Mako Ishizuka, dj Monika Svensson, film critic Gunnar Rehlin, author and Swedish Champion in Poetry Slam Olivia Bergdahl, litterature festival Textival, musician Dag Rosenqvist, comedian Peter Apelgren, Jannike Åhlund former artistic director at the Film Festival , film maker Linda Wangblad, music documentary festival Music Doc, dokumentary film maker Maj Wechselmann, women documentary evening host Carin Ohlson and scenographer Josefin Åsberg.
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