2009 Rutabaga Curl
The 12th International Rutabaga Curl was held in Ithaca, NY on Saturday, December 19, 2009. This set contains a collection of pictures from before, during, and immediately after the curl, including setting the scene, registering, warming up, the annual parade, a wonderful song from the Rutabaga Chorus, opening remarks, the children's turnip toss, the adult rutabaga curl, and the winners.

15 youth registered to toss turnips, and over 96 adults registered to curl their rutabagas.

Curling, Curling, and all are having fun.
Although it's cold 'cause winter's here, these bagas are on the run ...

Pictures are arranged by time. Therefore, if you are a curler and remember your number it should be easy to see yourself in action. Then again, there are also those moments outside of curling when you might have been captured too.

As these pictures demonstrate, everyone had a good time. I'm sorry there's not an accompanying soundtrack so you can hear the thrilling music and cheers from the crowd. Maybe next year ...

If you want a higher-resolution copy of any of these images, contact me with the image number and your email address, and I will send a full-resolution copy to you.

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