bench monday: piled

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i tackled a scary corner of the tiny casa, yes, there are many scary corners but this one was FULL of magazines (and silverfish, aack!) that i cannot horde any longer. i'm like the crazy cat lady only with one cat, a mister a-go-go and stacks and stacks of magazines...some of these i will be keeping but let's keep that on the down low. happy bench monday!

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  1. daisy plus three 93 months ago | reply

    I always have the hardest time throwing away magazines. I don't know why. I just tend to keep them all. but the other half doesn't like it so much. hbm!

  2. Lynn Carson Harris 93 months ago | reply

    We recently did a big magazine purge.


  3. Deb Fuller 93 months ago | reply

    love this! and i too have a magazine hording obsession :)

  4. holly joy 2 the world [deleted] 93 months ago | reply

    youre so cute! hbm jek!

  5. simplytess 93 months ago | reply

    oh mr. simply and i squabble about magazines too. but he's the buyer/keeper of them. HMB jek!!

  6. mlephotos 93 months ago | reply

    fabulous "bench" shot!!

  7. Aliceblueblazes 93 months ago | reply

    Stacks stacks stack. We call our home the "Jenga House" -- fun for the whole family! ;-)

  8. keriedaway 93 months ago | reply

    hbm! love your bench.

  9. BlueBee~Karen 93 months ago | reply

    I would need a ladder to get to the top of my magazine stack! from reading of the other comments, looks like we are all in good company! Happy Bench Monday on Tuesday!

  10. jessica wilson {jek in the box} 93 months ago | reply

    there's another 4" of mags under my feet but you can;t see them from the pic..angle is all wonky. there are also three SHELVES of mags that i cannot cannot throw out. this is the stack that i'm working on purging. the keepr shelves are full of Budget Livings, ME Home Companions, Ready Made, Martha Kids, Wondertime, BUST, body & soul, some Cottage Livings, a Victoria or 2 and a handful of Sassys...;)

  11. practically perfect e 93 months ago | reply

    Sell them on ebay... lol ~ HBM ~

  12. PhotoJenInc 93 months ago | reply

    danger danger! magazine are slippery-slimey soft

  13. lil bruin 93 months ago | reply

    Good for you. I always have trouble throwing out mags or books. Here's to lighter shelves.

  14. Aliceblueblazes 93 months ago | reply

    Man, I miss "Bust"! It's 15 bucks a pop here in Sydney ;-(

  15. jessica wilson {jek in the box} 93 months ago | reply

    i was being super sneaky and had a suitcase behind the stack so i could step onto the scary slippery pile just before the shutter clicked. whee!

    aliceblue-i can send some of my busts your way...don't have any from this year most are a bit older but still cool all the same....

  16. Aliceblueblazes 93 months ago | reply

    What a kind offer, Jek! It's awfully expensive to post things here, tho. Sigh!

  17. jessica wilson {jek in the box} 93 months ago | reply

    how about can forward me the american equivalent of $15 and i can stuff a envie full of as many BUSTs as I that will cover and then some and send 'em off to ya! i'd rather send them somewhere where they will be enjoyed even if it means a little out of my pocketbook...;)

  18. Aliceblueblazes 93 months ago | reply

    A woman after my own heart. That would be terrific!

  19. luzia pimpinella 92 months ago | reply

    again... you're after my own heart.
    wanna see my piles of magazines i just can't thorw away??? ;)

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