Jayne Learns to Ride a Motorcycle
This set starts with my "Schnupperkurs" ("sniffer course") at the ADAC track in Koblenz, Germany in May 2008. I didn't ride again until the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course by Derby Motorcycle School in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, in June 2009, which got me my actual license. In Oct., I bought my own motorcycle, a Honda Nighthawk. In Nov. 2009, after practicing on the street by our house and a nearby parking lot over a few days, I took my first real ride on the streets. In Feb. 2010, I took my first entirely solo ride (Stefan was in L.A.). By mid April 2010, I'd ridden more than 1000 miles. In August 2010, I took my first trip of several days on my own motorcycle, to the Lost Coast. Many other trips followed: to Jasper, Banf, Glacier, Yellowstone, Crater Lake and all around Oregon and Washington State. I rode about 11,000 miles on this motorcycle!

I switched to a different motorcycle in October 2011. When riding, I ALWAYS adhere to ATGATT on the motorcycle: all the gear all the time!

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