iPhone Gridstamatic Series - Hipstamatic Collage
I've always been attracted to embracing unpredictability when it comes to art, along ease of use when it comes to the tools to get there. Given this, after several months of totally digging the various Hipstamatic lens and film combos (with their consistent ability to pleasingly surprise), it finally hit me that it might be a lot of fun to combine those results with some of the theoretical tenets of both cubism and collage. Visually I wanted to show multiple images/points of view that would still "read" as a whole, but the main motivation was really just to have a good time and this project has very much delivered on that for me.

Here's my basic system for the series: I take multiple photos (after planning them out either in my head or on paper), shooting variants for each square with regard to scale/ desired repetition/ angle/ etc. Using those photos I then do the final grid assembly in Photoshop, but I refrain from any pixel tweaking (color shifting, blurring/sharpening -- stuff like that) so that the visual results are still straight-up Hipstamatic.

Plenty more to come; the man can't bust our muse!

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