Dean Johnson Memorial Concert
On May 30, 2008, five hundred friends, band members and admirers of the late DEAN JOHNSON attended an epic celebration of his life and cultural legacy. ROCK 'N ROLL FAG BAR 2008 was held at DON HILL's NYC.

The towering Johnson was a pioneer in many ways, helping to shape the NYC gay and transgendered nightscape with his parties ROCK 'N ROLL FAG BAR and HOMOCORPS. Best known as songwriter and lead singer for two influential NYC bands, DEAN AND THE WEENIES and THE VELVET MAFIA, he was remembered that way, in song.

Both bands took the stage for extended sets with guest artists from Dean's many nocturnal circles performing his most classic songs. They included AMANDA POLLOCK, BEBE BUELL, BONNIE BOWERS, CONNIE FLAMING, COREY TUT, DAZZLE DANCERS, DUELLING BANKHEADS, EUNICE HOLLAND, JENNY MAUL, JUSTIN BOND, LUCY SEXTON (OF DANCENOISE), MELISSA TIERS, MICHAEL "FORMIKA" JONES, MISS MANDY LEMONS, NURSE WANDA (JEAN WALSH), PERRI MASCO, PHOEBE LEGERE, WORLD FAMOUS *BOB* and XAVIER. The inspired DJs were Dean's longtime collaborators CLARK RENDER and TENNESSEE.

Here, pictures from JACKIE FACTORY shutterbug JOHNNY DYNELL, of a few of the evening's riches.

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