Lincoln Highway
The Lincoln Highway was America's first transcontinental highway, running from San Francisco to New York City. In Iowa it ran from Council Bluffs to Clinton via Carroll, Ames, Marshalltown, and Cedar Rapids, among other towns. When Iowa first numbered its state highways in 1920 it became Iowa 6, and when the US highway system was enacted in 1926 it became US 30. Although US 30 still follows the Lincoln Highway's general route, some portions were given different numbers as US 30's alignments changed over the years, and some segments have been abandoned altogether. Nevertheless, awareness of the Lincoln Highway has increased over the years thanks to the effort of organizations like the Lincoln Highway Association and communities along the route. The Iowa DOT began placing signs designating the Lincoln Highway as a state heritage byway along the route in April 2011.

For more on the Lincoln Highway in Iowa, check out the Iowa Lincoln Highway Association's official website. It features more photos along the route and a collection of postcards from the past. The national LHA site has more on the whole road from coast to coast.

Jeff Morrison also has a Lincoln Highway Photo Gallery; this is a series of photos that he took for his photojournalism class in the fall of 2002. This is definitely worth a visit.
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