Total Solar Eclipse 2009
The Solar eclipse on 22 July 2009, was the longest total eclipse of the 21st century, not repeating again until June 2132,lasting 6 minutes 38 seconds at the point of maximum eclipse. The total eclipse was visible from a narrow corridor through northern Maldives, northern India, eastern Nepal, northern Bangladesh, Bhutan, central China and the Pacific Ocean, including the Ryukyu Islands, Marshall Islands and Kiribati. In India, the total solar eclipse was visible only from there places including Varanasi due to bad weather.
I decided to go to Varanasi to witness one of the greatest natural event of our lifetime, and this time luck was with me as I was more than extremely happy to see the total eclipse. Honestly, I cannot do justice to the splendor of the event through both pictures and words; it was one of the most beautiful and surreal thing that I had ever witnessed in my life and perhaps it will remain so for the rest of my life.
Here are some of the photographs that I managed to make during the magnificant show and some events surrounding it in Varanasi.
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