Ink, issue 2
We love print and we're here to prove it.

It all started in September in Denver at the Society for News Design’s annual workshop and exhibition. The first issue of Ink was a love letter to print. We designed it in a 72-hour marathon with the participation of conference attendees, printed it and distributed it as everyone was leaving to go home. We had so much fun, and received such positive feedback, that we decided to do it again — this time in Detroit.

There have been a few changes. First, there was no conference to draw from — instead we hosted our own workshop. Second, in the true spirit of indie publishing, we took on the roles of publisher, editor, creative director, writer, designer, ad sales staff and a number of other titles (most often, beggars) in order to get everything done. That is not to say that we did this by ourselves. It took an army of people who rallied around this project to pull it off. Most notably, our hosts in Detroit. Steve Dorsey, vice president of innovation for the Detroit Media Partnership, and the new president of SND was a tireless supporter. Thanks to him, his department and a number of visionary people at the DMP, The Detroit News and Free Press we spent one incredible week in Detroit producing the second edition of Ink.

Detroit is simply bursting at the seams with creative, inventive people. As Michiganders, we already knew that. Still, this week was revealing for us. We toured the old Free Press newspaper building — which has been empty for more than a decade, but is slotted for redevelopment if the money shows up. We met a husband-and-wife team that started out trying to improve their neighborhood and wound up owning a number of vacant houses in it (their plans will blow you away). And everywere we turned there was another Detroiter ready to help us out and tell us about their beloved city.

This is what Ink is all about. For our third issue — due out this summer — we will travel to another city and can only hope to meet another class of design people as kind and interesting as those we encountered in Detroit. — The editors
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