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Dear Flickr,


I can't sleep. That much is obvious.


My mom just emailed me photos of a new book I have work in. It's called "Really Good Logos Explained". Within, my logo for this awful metal band is critiqued for an upside-down tree looking like a tree and not like a carrot. A taproot is a root that is also a water supply. Like a carrot. Or a daikon. Or someone who doesn't understand that logo design is not about being strictly representational. Or someone who doesn't understand that while carrots ARE metal, they can appear to be not so metal to the uninitiated, particularly 12 year olds (and 40 year olds) who listen to false metal. Like Taproot.


I should have guessed. Essentially anything published by Rockport Publishers is crap, and this book is no exception. When folks seeking book contributions say things like "Top creative minds critique and appraise 500 logos", you are thankful that you have included 2 of those selected 500 logos, but you also wonder who these "top creative minds" are and why they couldn't find a better book deal. (Though you shouldn't be one to talk, as you publish your own books.) (And you hope that you are never referred to as having a "creative mind" or worse, BEING a "creative mind". Yeesh.)


Is this a blog? No, it isn't.


Why can't you sleep? Timothy was meowing in your ear because he wanted to go outside.


Will you get yelled at tomorrow? Yes, you are going to be cranky because the sun is coming up and you won't get enough sleep and you will inevitably act like a wiener.


Good night, Flickr. I love you.


Thank you, Nobuko, for making me a professional at this. (Flickr, that is!)





P.S. If you design a logo, make sure to make it look like a carrot.


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Taken on May 20, 2008