2012 Gasshuku
From July 1 through July 7, the TKFI held their annual Gasshuku (Training Camp) at Camp Erdman in Waialua Hawaii.

The camp was attended by TKFI members and some of their family members from all over the USA and South America.

The camp included morning training sessions on the beach, kihon (basics) seminars, kata seminars, self defense seminars, and a team kata competition. The team kata competition consisted of three rounds, one in the sand, one on the grass and the last round on the concrete.

The participants also visited the childhood home of Soke Del Saito and meet some of his family members and his parents. They visited Waimea Falls Park, the Polynesian Cultural Center, and nearby Haleiwa for a shopping trip.

In the evenings, the participants gathered around the camp fire to read Haiku poems they had written, eat s'mores and of course lots of singing! They also performed skits to the delight of Soke Saito and camp guests.

The Camp culminated in the Celebration of Soke Del Saito's 50th Anniversary of teaching karate-do at the Miramar hotel in Waikiki, Hawaii.
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