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Wednesday, February 10, 1982 | by hilaryleung
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Wednesday, February 10, 1982

On this fateful day, I knew I wanted to became an artist. Mrs. Combs gave me a perfect score! There was a sticker, "C" check mark, a star and these four legendary words, "Good picture! Nice perspective!"


It was the most exciting day of my six years of existence! I mean, I did have pizza the day before, but this was a hundred times better than that! Words could not describe how happy I was. I wanted to write more. I wanted to draw more. I wanted to find out what the big word "perspective" meant! I felt complete utter joy!


Later I found out that perspective was - a system that helps show 3d objects in space. But more importantly, I discovered how amazing that a simple word of encouragement had such a profound impact on my life.


Thank you Mrs. Combs - you're still my favourite!


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