balancing act
work in progress. pinhole self portraits.

This is a very personal project for me. All my life I've had problems with my hip that has involved a great deal of surgery. Time and time again I've been knocked off my feet, and then slowly back up again, slowly relearning to stand and walk. I started pinhole photography as a =real= thing in the summer of 2005 as I was recovering from a revision hip replacement and, realising that most of my pinhole work was about the balance between stillness and movement decided to start to explore ideas of balance as well. The simple act of standing on two feet was, for a while, something as unlikely, surprising and wonderful as tightrope walking.

In recent months, though, that ability has fallen away. More problems have put me back on crutches, and I'm due to have major surgery at the end of march 2007.

...two more round of surgery later, I'm continuing this series, looking at the changes through a pinhole, as I drift back to horizontal and become vertical again.

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