Satyros El Truco
Backstage and rehearsal photos from the theatre play El Truco, by Nucleo Experimental dos Satyros, Sao Paulo. The play, directed and written by Roberto Audio, was developed via a collaborative process with the actors. Several people are stuck in a bunker with nothing to do, while a group suggests they rehearse a play. They choose Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream, but they don't have the text, neither do they know what it's all about. Some take it seriously. Others couldn't care less. Some deliberately try to make it fail, or take control, others are so mentally ill they don't know what is happening. Dreams, nightmares, human instincts are exposed. They laugh and they cry. There is a war outside and either you stay and live, or die. The whole bunker story is told by the author of a book, who might be lying.

(I only have backstage photos because I am one of the actors =)
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