photoshop kungfu
Matches last 3 rounds
Challenge must be completed in 24 hours
Non-participants judge the match after gameplay ends
Any software or process is allowed
Save jpegs at a decent quality as they will be opened and saved several times during gameplay

You begin your challenge by selecting your opponent and creating a new topic naming the two competitors. PlayerX vs. PlayerY

Once a challenge has been initiated, player one will present an original photo to player two by posting a medium size version in the thread with the comment "Begin". Player two then tweaks the photo and posts it back to the thread with the comment "Round 1". Player one then tweaks that photo and also posts it back to the thread with the comment "Round 1", thus completing the first round. The tweaked photo then goes back to player two for Round 2 and is labeled accordingly. The match ends after the third round is complete. Players have 24 hours to complete all three rounds.

All photos posted in the topic should be limited to medium size for consistency of comparison while scrolling. If you want to see a larger version you can click the image to go to the players stream.

Voting only takes place after the 3rd and final round has been completed by both opponents. A comment stating that Voting is Now Open will be posted by the challenger after their last submission.

Non-participants then vote at the bottom of the thread by commenting "PlayerX shredded PlayerY to pieces in Round n."

Voting does not take place on the person's actual photostream. Comments are allowed during gameplay as long as they don't influence the progression of the challenge.

The winner will tag their photo "Photoshop Kungfu Champion" and add their winning photo to the group pool and a link in their photo's caption back to their battle thread.

The player receiving the most votes in 12 hours from the end of the match is declared the winner, and the photo from the round with the most votes goes in the pool. In the event the winner receives an equal number of votes on photos from different rounds, each of those photos are added to the pool.

If both players receive an equal amount of votes, the person who's individual photo from a specific round that receives the most votes is delcared the winner. In the event that both players photos in that round also receive the same amount of votes as well, the match is considered a draw and both players may place their winning photos in the pool and tag them "Photoshop Kungfu Draw".

If 24 hours elapses before the match is complete, it's considered a forfeit, and the last player to post an image wins.

If you followed all of that then...

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