Oh Shit! - Black Cascade DIPA
Oh Shit!
Black Cascade DIPA

ABV: 7.5%
IBU: 62

Malt: Pale Ale. Belgian Ale. Carafa I. Caramünich II.
Hops: Cascade (x7).
Ingredients: Maple Syrup.

"Three malts. Two brewers. One hops. Zero future."

[UPDATE!] We have no idea what this pitch black double IPA will turn out like later on, cause right now after 3 weeks in bottles, this black IPA is one of the best fruity porters i've ever had. Already looking forward to do a second batch...

We aimed for a bit higher ABV than 7.5%. The OG only got up to 1.079, and the FG only got down to 1.022 which makes it 7.48 % ABV, I KNOW it's nearly doesn't fill the DIPA qualifications, but it really taste DIPA-ish. Ah well, we're def gonna brew this one again. More hops in the taste giver, and maybe som candi sugar to boost the ABV a wee bit more...

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