Vanilla Singlespeed CX racer
This was Sacha White's bike, built in 2003 as a disc-equipped cyclocross prototype. Used hard and raced hard, well loved. Scratched, scraped and scuffed, but not dinged or dented. Found its way to me via serendipity, in a world smaller than you think.

Nerdy details
• 18.5lbs or so
• 56-ish cm top tube
• True Temper S3 tubing
• Avid road disc brakes
• Velocity Aerohead rims on DT Swiss hubs
• FSA carbonium cranks
• FSA ring, Chris King cog (39x18)
• Bushnell eccentric bottom bracket
• Chris King headset
• Salsa bits, Ritchey bits, Soma levers
• Crank Bros Candy pedals
• custom Wound Up carbonium disc fork,

It is very responsive to rider input (due to the geometry and S3 tubing?), making it feel more like a race bike than anything else I ride. With road tires, it feels like other modern race bikes I've ridden. Its off-road manners are very polite, predictable and smooth, and the light weight makes for some easy shouldering/carrying. Good stuff, this machine.
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