Deadfall Lakes and Mt. Eddy
Janell and I took a weekend and got our first taste of summer mountain time. Summited Eddy 9025 to look over at the amazing Shasta across the way. Left offerings at Deadfall lake. Met two of the first PCTers of the season including Hot Tuna Helper who was looking to set a speed record (43 miles/day) and Charlie who had started two weeks earlier (April 15) and was averaging 32 miles/day and thought he woud finish mid-August. Super inspiring on lightening the load and how far one can walk in a day. (Tuna did one resupply in the distance our JMT crew will do 4). Refined gear use/list and with the help of some counceling from Dr. Scholl's insoles, my boots and I finally came to a mutual understanding...just in time for my JMT trip this week!
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