Tombstone Art Exhibit
Pictures from the 1st Tombstone Art exhibit, featuring the framed photographs taken at the graves of poets.

This took place in Freeport, Maine, and the exhibit, which has grown since then, is now available for travel.

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Notes on
Collected Bones:
Collages in Gravestone, Relic, and Bark

“Collected Bones: Collages in Gravestone, Relic and Bark” is a poetic and photographic effort to eulogize, elegize and interpret the lives and poetry of over 200 American poets.

For the “Collected Bones” tombstone art project the gravesite is the canvas for an artistic interpretation of the poet’s life, death, and collected works. The place of burial becomes the setting for a collage, or still life, that is arranged using volumes of poetry, relics related to the poet, and the natural elements found at the gravesite. Thematically, the series of photographs investigates various literary, theological and cultural issues.

More specifically, the project seeks to explore: the poet’s personal response to the death of others and his or her poetry on various themes related to death; documentation of the continuing American elegy as a genre; symbolic re-creations of the poet’s death; a poet’s theological and philosophical views on the afterlife, in general, and his or her view of Jesus Christ in particular.

One of the underlying questions the project seeks to explore is that of the immortality and mortality of poets, and how those themes or beliefs relate to what is often called their “body of works,” or “collected poems.”
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