Great wall - Mutianyu
This album covers the day spent at Mutianyu, "the wall of kings and heads of state", so called because, er, that's where they bring visiting kings and heads of state - there's a cable car!

This was the third day's trekking, and it was a really nice day, because you could control how much walking you did... If you wanted you could take the cable car up and/or down, and the amount of wall you walked was flexible too. There was also a market at the bottom for the shopaholics (where I bought some chopsticks to thank Malc for lending me his sleeping bag).

For me though, the best things about Mutianyu were a long steep section at the end, known as The Thousand Steps (though in fact there are only 455), and (best of all) a bit of wild wall beyond the top of The Thousand Steps, which I call "The Dangerous Road" because of the sign at the bottom, and which only Anthony, Louisa, and I ascended.

This was one of my favourite moments on the whole trek. The top of the Thousand Steps was supposed to be the end of the line, but Anthony (bless his socks) fancied a quick look beyond, and Louisa and I were in the right place at the right time. It was the first bit of "proper" wild wall we'd been on (although admittedly parts of Huangyagguan and Simatai had been fairly wild), the weather was perfect, the views were incredible, and I for one felt truly hardcore. Thanks, Anthony...
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