Great wall - Huangyaguan
[Photos from my November 2001 trip to China, for five days of sponsored walking on the Great Wall, in aid of the National Star Centre.]

This covers our arrival at the Barracks, and the first morning's walk to and on the wall. Obviously this was a very exciting time, full of anticipation and trepidation, still getting to know fellow trekkers, and wondering how it was going to go. The weather was perfect - blue skies, snow on the high ground, but warm enough in the sunshine, and all in all, it was a great walk.

Once we'd got onto the wall, before too long I paired up with the excellent Mavis and helped her along some of the more slippery bits. (She'd already farmed out her rucksack to Ollie - clearly a lady who knows how to get men to do what she wants.)

The first half took us on a big loop, up to the wall, along it, and back down to the Barracks. After lunch, we went up the other side, which was pretty different - just up, up, up, and back down, down, down.
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