Rahway Culture Crawl 10.4.2012
Rahway, NJ is a small town nestled between Elizabeth and Woodbridge secretly teeming with creative energies.

In an attempt to harness all of the collective power for good, the movers and shakers of the Rahway Arts District, and a number of community-minded business partners (Allume Events being one such) banded together to create the first Rahway Culture Crawl, a wild and wonderful evening of artistic experiences all over Rahway. In real estate offices, bookstores, candle sellers, coffee houses, restaurants; under train tracks, in parking lots, on the side of the road- ALL of Rahway was literally crawling with artistic intent.

In the middle of the hubbub, Guerilla Haiku hosted a scavenger hunt to get the people of Rahway to interact with each other and the art that was all around them. These photos are some (just an inkling) of the beauty that covered the streets (despite the rain).

The grand prize winner, Stanley Nowakowski, will be enjoying dinner for two and tickets to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy later this month because of his participation in the scavenger hunt. Congrats to him!! And thanks to ALL participants for your beautiful words!

What a tribute to this town and its inhabitants! Carry on Culture Crawl Creators! May there be many more!!!
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