Chusseau - Flaviens

This selection of images comes from a collection of more than 10,000 glass plate negatives held at George Eastman House by Ch. Chusseau-Flaviens. The collection came to George Eastman House in 1975 from Kodak Pathé in France. While little is known about this vast collection of work, its diversity suggests it may be a picture file gathered from the work of more than one individual. In the early years of the twentieth century, large caches of images were accumulated by nascent photo agencies such as Underwood & Underwood, Paul Thompson, and others to meet the demands of an emerging picture press, which published illustrated weekly or monthly magazines.

The photographs in the collection represent a time span from the 1890s until just before World War I, depicting social and political figures and events throughout Europe and the colonial empires in the Near East and the Far East. Featured subjects included activities of the leisure classes or "society," political unrest in Spain and England, and prewar buildup of European military forces.
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