"Head" and "Boot"
My wife Samarra and I adopted a little black gerbil I actually captured in Lithia Park where I teach T'ai-Chi here in Ashland Oregon. We kept him as a pet for a couple of years and grew quite attached to him. So much so that when he finally died, it took as about a year to feel up for adopting another, or in this case two others. We now have two young males that we call "Head" (he has a white spot on his head) and "Boot" (don't ask...). We have a great set up for them, a 55 gallon tank equipped with all kinds of things for them to explore and play with. They are quite entertaining and endlessly curious, cute and fun to have around. The first pictures in this set which I will no doubt add to as the months pass, were taken within a day or so of bringing them home. They were probably about 6-8 weeks old at that time. Their life expectancy in the wild is about 6 months (they are on a lot of menus out there...) but in captivity they can live for 3-4 years.
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