Orphans' back-to-school picnic, July 2012
In early July, Wangdrak Rinpoche hosted a back-to-school picnic for the Yushu orphans after their summer holiday - with the support of visiting Malaysian and Singaporean disciples. Yushu schools break for one month in early summer for the annual "cordiceps" harvest. Cordiceps is a high altitude herbal medicine that is harvested and sold by Tibetans as a mainstay of their economy. Tibetans, young and old, go to the hills at this time of year to collect this herbal medicine.
Now the orphans are back to school after the break. They have each been gifted a "chuba" outfit for special occasions, and this back-to-school picnic gave them a chance to wear it. It was a day of fun, song & dance and big smiles!
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