Gljufrasteinn - Laxness museum
Gagarin created a multimedia presentation describing the life and work of the writer and Nobel Prize winner Halldór Laxness. It was produced for Gljúfrasteinn Laxness museum, that is situated in the house where Laxness and his family lived for over 50 years. The house and living quarters are preserved as they were when Mrs. Auður Laxness donated them to the Icelandic nation.

Halldor Laxness lived almost the entire twentieth centure, from 1902-1998. The challenge was to tell his story to meet both the needs of foreign visitors with little knowledge of the author and local visitors with in depth knowledge of Laxness. Visitors should be able to get acquainted with the author and view his work in context to the historical events that affected the writer as he affected his environment, through interactive multimedia presentation.

Visitors access this engaging presentation illustrated with photographs and video footage on a touch-screen. The presentation contains a lot of enlightening information about the person, the publications and the major events of the 20th century in Icelandic and world history.

This project was created in close co-operation with the employees of the Gljúfrasteinn Laxness museum and the author’s family. The scriptwriters were hired sub-contractors with great knowledge on the work and life of the writer.

For further information about the museum, visit it's website:
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