Interactive Sea Monsters Table
Gagarin has designed an interactive table for the Sea Monsters Centre in Bildudalur Iceland. The table shows a map of Arnarfjord wherein visitors can hunt for monsters in the fjord and find tales stories deriving from the area.

Gagarin participated in the concept development for the exhibition with the exhibition designer, Árni Páll Jóhannsson. The interaction design, a collaborative idea of Gagarin and Nils Wiberg from Umeå University, is aimed at providing an organic interactive experience where everything is intuitive for the visitor. The maneuvering of the map is done by rotating wheels and the monster hunt is done via "shells" moved around on the table which tells the visitor where the monsters are lurking and puts the visitor in charge of the story telling narrative.

This interactive table marks a new step in the development at Gagarin where cutting edge technology is not only used but developed in house. And the knowledge acquired also paves way for unique installations in the future.
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