Perspektivet Museum in Tromsø
“The Russian Current” exhibition at the Perspektivet Museum in Tromsø is about trade and international relations in the High North. A common denominator for the contact between North Norwegians and Russian seamen before and after the Soviet era must be that the two groups view each other with a certain amount of irony and distance and a good portion of scepticism. Then as now. This is at the very core of the exhibition, where we point out how perceptions of “the others” are created and maintained, not least by a critical media.

The exhibition was opened in September 2007. See further information on Perspektivet Museum's website.

Gagarin was approached by the team from PM in Tromsø, to make the digital presentations in the exhibition. They provided manuscript and photos and Gagarin did the design and programming of the presentations.

The outcome was five individual digital presentations. These were all produced in Flash from Macromedia.

A projection containing phrases from the Russian seamen along with portraits of them. Fotograf: Mari Hildung. Language: Norwegian.
Three interactive touch-screen presentations were made: "A little Russia in Tromsø", "Home in Murmansk" and "A Seaman's Life". Languages: Norwegian, Russian, English.

The history of the Burkow family was told in an interactive presentation in a touch screen, with narration in three languages.
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