COLUMBUS CREW identity proposal
I'm a designer. I'm a soccer player. I'm a Columbus native. And I love the Crew.

After The Crew brought the MLS Cup to Columbus in '08, I took a long look at how our team and city will be perceived in the months and seasons to come. We have "America's Hardest Working Team", but we give the impression that we're second-rate.

So, I propose we revamp the Columbus Crew brand to go with our revamped spirit. It's not a chastising of our current logo… I appreciate the passion and attachment people feel for the old look. This is simply a refresh. You'll notice that, in concept, this new logo is almost identical: a shield, featuring 3 "crew" members looking sternly onward. What's been changed is simply our style of expression. The fonts changed. The illustration is simplified. The appearance is revamped. But the heart is the same.

I want our team to present itself in the same way we play… with strength, precision, and no compromise. If you feel the same, join this group:
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