Way, way back in the 90s, before Google, there was very little of worth about Ipswich on what we used to call the world wide web. There was, however, a shiny exception, named Ipsart.

Ipsart was a small but perfectly formed website created by a chap named Jonathan Clift. Disappointed with what he could find about local artists on the web, he came to this creative conclusion:

"So, I thought I'd have a go myself"

Jonathan's site took you on a miniature "grand tour" of public art in the town, from that enigmatic shape on the Civic Drive roundabout to the stained glass at Suffolk College. Each page had a brief description plus photo. Informative & minimal: what more could you need?

Now with the ever more impressive Ip-Art upon us once more, I'd like to pay tribute to the now-retired Ipsart in my own bricky way.

Welcome to IpsartLego.
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