2008 ACM SIGgraph Exhibition, Los Angeles | Artifacts of Research
Presented is documentation related to our recreations of a Classical Mathematical Model Collection originally made by hand in plaster in the 1800's. This work was presented at the Association for Computing Manufacturing's prestigious SIGgraph Conference in 2008 in Los Angeles.

This portion of the collection recreates a series of 23 models of singularities possible on a cubic surface, which was originally modelled by Carl Rodenberg under the direction of the famous mathematician Felix Klein.

Currently portions of the collection are on display at the University of Goettingen Department of Mathematics, The University of Hong Kong Department of Mathematics and at the Museum of Mathematics in Manhattan.

For more information contact us via: www.formpig.com or at mailto:press@formpig.com

Re-creations available for purchase at www.shapeways.com/shops/universaljointdesign
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