New Orleans sx70

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    New Orleans, Louisiana Bywater Playground Grocery 1980

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    1. Joey Harrison ages ago | reply

      Their soda allegiance is very conflicted.

    2. jeff lamb ages ago | reply

      all soda, any soda, except for Vernor's.
      There was a school nearby, McDonough #?,
      and a park across the street.
      There were many
      of these little mom and pop stores, set between a
      couple houses, here and there.
      The majority were sno-cone shops,
      that were open primarily thru the summer.

    3. one pic a day ages ago | reply

      looks like you had huge flashes set up all over the place.

      those polaroids are like paintings. some of the best I've seen.

    4. jeff lamb ages ago | reply

      thanks so much,

    5. one pic a day ages ago | reply

      I'm new, too. it is great, indeed, but it often is superficial, lots of vanity, I guess...

      and it is dangerous, because it can corrupt you in your work, when you start to take pictures to please others. but what am I talking about, I'm just an amateur.

      I guess we'll just keep shooting, if people like it fine, if not, fine too... also, we shouldn't spend too much time here...

      anyway, looking forward to your future pics in flickr.

      and - you should do that book!

    6. jeff lamb 102 months ago | reply

      these shots of the sno ball stands actually take me back to my 1st or second summer 1977/78, i'd never seen anything like these little shops
      thanks sweet

    7. ajabowiecooper 98 months ago | reply

      This is beautiful, reminds me a lot of Walker Evans sx70's.

    8. Infrogmation 97 months ago | reply

      My 1965 New Orleans City Directory lists Play Ground Grocery as 1804 St. Roch.

    9. jeff lamb 97 months ago | reply

      you so rock
      we could almost call u a st roch, but there is one already,
      i met the skeleton and the m styborski when i posted up anthr one of these, and the st roch this year, anthr skeleton,

      well maybe, i am no walker evans, but he had his influence, having met him at a lecture before igot to this palyground, and yup i think he did a few polaroids... thnks aj....cooper

      and for whatever, i always tried to look a place like this , simply straight a view camera a square and upright to see if the place is really crooked :)
      still its only a polaroid

    10. jeff lamb 97 months ago | reply

      you have a 65 directory
      that is invaluable, great
      i only have 96 yellow pages...only
      and its not of much use ...

    11. Infrogmation 97 months ago | reply

      I have a couple old phone books but this is the only old city directory I have. Old city directories are great. In addition to alphabetical person and business listings, it has listings by street address.

      I've long used the directories at the NO Public Library or Tulane for research. Having the '65 at home has saved me some trips; even if what I'm looking for is 1930s or 1990s maybe half the time it will have still/already been there in '65.

      I picked this one up at a garage sale in Broadmoor about a month before Katrina. They had wanted a lot of money for it. I stopped by again towards the end of the day as they were packing up and it hadn't sold. I offered $5, the guy asked me if I was going to sell it on eBay, I said no I wanted it for myself, and he let me have it for $8. It was only later I noticed inside the front page that it cost $100 when new. That was serious money in 1965.

    12. AUdubon5425 81 months ago | reply

      Wow - I remember going in this place a couple of times as a kid - it was across from St. Roch Park.

    13. gaydenesse 72 months ago | reply

      We do love our Barq's.

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