Kavadarci, Macedonia for wines and vines
Kavadarci’s most famous export is wine the city being home to the largest winery in south-eastern Europe. Vineyards in the region cover a total area of 120 square kilometres 46 sq mi producing up to 85 000 tons of grapes annually. The Tikveš winery is one of the oldest wineries in the Republic of Macedonia processing up to 55 million kilograms of grapes to produce approximately 35 million litres of wine each year. Of the 38 000 citizens it is estimated that up to 85% are involved with the growing of grapes.

The tradition of wine making and grape growing in the Tikveš region date as far back as the 4th century BC the industry thrived during medieval times with its production as was common at the time throughout Europe being made in monasteries. The Tikveš region is situated in an area with a unique and favourable climate produced by the merging of the Mediterranean from the South and Continental from the North. Combined with arable soil; high with eroded clay content makes this a most favourable area to grow grapes.
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