Grotesque by Sergio Ponchione
What if our memories — all that we've seen, all that we've experienced, but also all that we've read or imagined — took on their own reality? And what if, furthermore, the people and creatures lurking in our mind somehow came to life and began acting independently, spinning out brand new scenarios to haunt us? Three men become aware of the existence of a mysterious island that may or may not be the sum total of all the information stored in their mind, and either seek it out or are brought there by the mysterious "Crooked Man." With an art style that's half European-classic and half Roger Langridge-surreal, Sergio Ponchione offers up one eye-popping moment after another as we plunge down the rabbit hole of GROTESQUE...

32-page B&W saddle-stitched softcover with jacket $7.95 (Ignatz Series)
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