Holland Project, RENO
Solo show
Homeward Bound

Holland Project Space
30 Cheney St.
Reno, NV 89501

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Homeward Bound is an exhibition documenting the first two weeks of a bicycle trip across Europe. On April 5th, Derek Mehaffey (aka Troy Lovegates, aaka Other) and myself set out from Lisbon, Portugal and traversed 3000+ miles, arriving in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 23. Throughout the trip we slept outdoors (mostly) in various environments with only our sleeping bags. This show is a reconstruction of the fort-like places we made home each night.

After returning to Brooklyn I had the opportunity to move into a small, 110 square foot Lean-to. Since then I've built it into a cabin that I call home. The very small houses from this show are made from the remaining scraps of my very own small house. You can learn more about that project at Blogcabin Brooklyn.

A big thanks to Britt at Holland Project for assisting in the show and the initial trans-European bike trip. Also a big, big thanks to Anthony Alston of Sleepytime and Always Fierce for the photos. And lastly, a heartfelt thanks to Greg Kaplan at the Parsons AMT Lab for helping me make the Laser etching happen. Big ups!
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