Dear Museum and/or Gallery,
Through the generous philanthropy of the Miss Tint Organization, your establishment has recently acquired a new work of art. Marcel DuChamp’s ‘the fountain’ signed under his alias, R. Mutt, is now a part of your permanent collection.

This work of art, which was previously appraised by the French courts at 3.4 million, is a complimentary gift to you. However, the value of your ready(re)made may vary and possibly be significantly less. Numerous factors play into this assessment, but the primary issue is that the donation is not an original.

Due to the fortunate collaboration the Miss Tint Organization had with noteworthy, covert, and prolific artists, an extremely high volume of ready(re)mades were delivered. This collaboration was industrious to such an extent that every Gallery and Museum in the greater metropolitan of New York (as well as Brooklyn dive bars) has received the same gift, as well as this same notification. Nonetheless, the value of the ready(re)mades could be unaffected by this latest admission since the ‘original’ piece was lost after the Independent Arts Show of 1917 and subsequent versions were merely reproductions of DuChamp’s concept.

In closing we hope you take all the precautions to make your newest acquisition accessible for pedagogy, inspiration, and utility by your patrons. It is a considerable acquisition to your inventory and a pivotal piece in the historical context of art. Lastly, make sure it doesn’t receive too firm of a janitorial scrubbing by your staff.


Miss Tint Org.
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