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Fluid Therapy Math -I just dont get it | by Erica_Marshall
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Fluid Therapy Math -I just dont get it

ODC -Side by side


...ok, so a dog or cat needs 50ml of fluids per kilogram per day to maintain their hydration, then dehydration needs to be assessed and added to maintenance to give you how much fluid per day is needed. 1 liter of water weighs 1 kilogram, so if you have a current weight you can use that. Or you can use their PCV -a 1% increase in PCV=fluid loss of 10ml/kg. ...otherwise you estimate it via skin turgor and mucous membrane feel. Then when you know how much the animal needs per day, there's a formula that's needed to enter it into a fluid pump: F=CV/T (Fluid rate = the calibration of the IV set being used times the volume of fluid you want to give over the time you want to give it). But the pump needs it in seconds, not hours, so you have to divide the answer by 60 to go from hours to minutes, and then divide by 60 again to get from minutes to seconds. See? Easy! Right?... :-\



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Photo recipe:

-cleaned off table

-set my homework out at it as if I were actually studying instead of taking a photo

-put my camera on a tripod and framed the shot

-put a floor lamp aimed at the ceiling next to the camera to try to add a little light

-sat down at one side of the table with a wireless remote and realized that the batteries were dead

-ran to the store

-replaced batteries

-set the camera to manual mode, with tungsten wb so the exposure and white balance wouldn't change between shots

-took a few attempts to get the exposure and focus right

-took lots more attempts to get the expression right for the frustrated photo on the right

-changed my sweater and did the same for the other side

-opened both in Gimp, layered over one another

-added the Alpha channel to the top layer so that when I deleted the part with the "other me", it'd show through rather than end up being whiite

-selected just my photo from the top layer

-inverted the selection

-hit the delete key to get rid of everything but my image from the top photo (essentially "adding it" to the bottom image)

-since the framing, exposure, and white balance didn't change between shots, that was all that was needed to create the twin

-cropped a bit to get rid of a piece of a chair that you could see in the lower right hand corner

-a little levels/curves adjustment and some touch-ups on my face and I was done!


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Taken on January 25, 2011