Venice Biennale / Emergency and Biennalists
Venice Biennale : Emergency Room penetrations .

Instead of making worlds we were looking at the one we have allready

and expressed on it s emergencies the same day .

with some of the sharper artists from emergency room .

We exhibited about emergencies of today

today before it is too late .

For that purpose Biennalist opened some spaces in the Biennale national pavillons .

With the invitation and welcome from their artists and curators
( artist Daniel Medina for Venezuela pavillon /curator María Luz Cárdenas / artist Jussi Kivi for the finnish pavillon / artist Jacques Charlier and curator Enrico Lunghi for the belgium boat )

emergency artists :Rosaria Iazzetta/Sebastiano Delva / Kristian von Hornselth / 2/4our / Marta Orlando / Kim Dessault / Christian Costa / Jussi Kivi / Åsmund Boye Kneverland .

Biennalist team was Åsmund Boye Kneverland
Stephanie Roisin /Colonel

thank you to Julia Draganovic /Seamus Keally / Emeline Eudes / and many more stimulating

- from canadian magazine Cmagazine -by Seamus Keally ( prize winner of lbest ong essay in canada) . june issue

-form arte e critica June by Julia Draganovic

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