Train Ride to Chicago
I took the Southwest Super Chief to Chicago June 18 to visit my family, returned to Flagstaff June 25.

32 hours (more like 36 total, with delays) each way.

You meet so many interesting people on the train, and see so much of the country. The train is different than a road trip, as it sometimes veers far away from highways, through canyons and cornfields and small town back yards.

Coach seats are spacious, but I had a hard time falling asleep, especially on the way out. Maybe too excited to get to Chicago to see my family. On the return trip I was able to catch a few more zzzzs.

In Chicago I saw lots of Dahlbergs, paid respects to lost loved ones, spent really good quality time with my nephews whom I haven't seen since 2013, sat in the "new bleachers" at Wrigley Field (Cubs beat the Dodgers, 4-2), ate hot dogs and pizza and frozen custard from traditional family favorites, played baseball, chased "monsters" and fireflies, set foot in Lake Michigan and in general just had a lovely bunch of adventures packed into a short period of time.
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