The Sterling Hotel and Annex- Damaged and Decaying
Closed and abandoned in 1998 and now damaged beyond manageable cost to repair. In September 2011, Luzerne County suffered record flooding due to Tropical Storm Lee. Flood waters from the nearby Susquehanna River flooded the Sterling's basement to a height of several feet. While the water eventually drained, it left several inches of mud in the basement, and a subsequent inspection by local engineers determined that that parts the building may be in danger of collapse.
Hotel Sterling is in downtown Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania at the intersection of River Street and Market Streets. It was opened in 1898 by local business persons, who then owned a music hall located at the site, and was named after Emma E. Sterling[1], whose late husband, Walter G. Sterling, a local banker / businessman, owned a share of the music hall. Emma was a driving force behind the building of the hotel. The hotel was later expanded by Andrew Sordoni by connecting it to the Plaza Hotel in 1936. After laying abandoned for years, the non-profit organization, CityVest, purchased the hotel and demolished the 14-story Plaza tower portion and four-story connecting building in 2007 in an attempt to make the property more marketable to developers. At present, CityVest is indicating that it now wishes to demolish the Hotel Sterling's original building in 2012.
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