Paoli Battlefiled Massacre Re-Enactment Oct 8th 2011
Just after midnight on September 21, the British led by Lord Grey launched a devastating strike into Wayne's unprepared American camp. Grey had ordered his men to remove the flints from their rifles before the attack began. Bayonets, — a weapon Americans considered barbaric — would be the weapon of choice.

53 Americans were killed and over 100 wounded in Grey's lightning raid. The use of the bayonet coupled with the notion that the British stabbed or burned the Americans who tried to surrender, made martyrs of those maimed and killed at Paoli. For the rest of the war, the British lived in fear that Wayne's troops would try to avenge the affair that came to be know as the Paoli Massacre.
The Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund (PBPF) is dedicated to protecting, preserving and promoting the historical significance of the Paoli Battlefield through the funding and development of educational programs and conservation activities including historical tours, reenactments, research, publications, lectures/workshops and restoration of the property to its indigenous state.
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