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Empty your Mind-Tune into and enter the Cosmic Mind -Lao Tzu 11 | by LAO TZU - FALLING IN TAO
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Empty your Mind-Tune into and enter the Cosmic Mind -Lao Tzu 11

11.Usefulness of Emptiness-Empty your Mind*


Thirty spokes are united in one hub (to make a wheel);

But the usefulness(the function) of the wheel depends on the empty space- the center hole of the hub

Clay is molded into a vessel or a bowl

But it is the empty space within that makes it useful

Doors and windows are cut out of the walls of a house,

But it is the empty(open) space inside that makes it useful(livable)

Therefore take advantage of what exists(the mind radio receiver ),

But use the emptiness(to open a way to enter in tune into the Cosmic Mind broadcast )* .

Note:* The Koan(the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese characters kung an) is a method of paradoxical questioning (Questions Without Answers) , used in zen buddhism in order to stop and empty the mind.This method implies the rejecting of all answers based on mediated knowledge(thinking,logical,analogical,sensorial) until a state of Enlightenment is realised ( until we see and taste directly the Ultimate reality due to the transition or the openning of our subtle eyes , our inner senses). The intention of the koan is to bring about a state of Enlightenment, devoid of conceptualization, beyond the realm of words and even thought. The main characteristic of each koan is the paradox, «that which is beyond » (in Greek language:«para» means:”beyond” and «dokein» means:”thinking” ),so the meaning is :”that wich transceds the logical or rational thinking.

The Koan-ul is not an enigma,because is not a problem that can be solved using our thinking.The answer to a koan derives from a sudden change of the level of understanding, from a transition in an other state of consciousness.The whole text of Lao Tzu is considered to be a Koan whose goal is to empty and stop the mind of the one who is in search of the ultimate reality:Tao. The same tactical target(nirodha:stopping,emptying,stilling of the mind’s fluctuations or waves is anounced by Patanjali in Yoga Sutra,1.2:

YS 1.2. R: Yoga(starea unificata) înseamnă nirodha (stingerea constienta [a procesului de identificare cu) vrittis (lit.:"vartejurile; vrie",impulsurile; fluctuatiile;valurile;oscilatiile,gandurile;emotiile) din chitta (minte);

E: Yoga is the cessation [nirodha:stopping,emptying,stilling (in the sense of continual and vigilant watchfulness)] of the indentification with the fluctuations (vritti:activities,modifications,impulses, the thought forms,workings) of the mind (chitta) /

F:Le Yoga est la nirodha(extinction,restriction,suspension) [de l'identification avec les] vritti(modifications, fluctuations, impulsions, mouvements) de (ou dans)] chitta (mental;esprit,pensee;conscience)/

S:El estado unificado del "Yoga" surge cuando cesa (nirodha) la vritti (agitación,pensamientos,emociones y sensaciones fluctuantes) de la chitta (Mente);


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