2e tour aérien interprovincial - Second annual interprovincial air tour - Aéroport Maniwaki Airport CYMW 5 ju 2009
Je me suis rendu à Maniwaki pour rencontrer les participants au 2e tour aérien interprovincial le 5 juin 2009.

"Ce parcours en boucle de 480 miles nautiques inclura cinq communautés du Québec et de l’Ontario (GatineauCYND, Maniwaki CYMW, Rouyn-Noranda CYUY, Sudbury CYSB, Hanover CPN4). N’hésitez pas, mettez cesquatre jours à votre horaire ! Cette tournée est organisée par Aviateurs et Pilotes de Brousse du Québec avec la collaboration de COPA Flight’s 13 (Sudbury), 54 (Hanover) et 23 (North Bay).

Jeudi - Gatineau CYND – enregistrements dès 2.00 pm , visite du musée Les Ailes d’époque duCanada. Banquet de bienvenue au Café de l’aéroport - Vendredi - Maniwaki CYMW : visite de la SOPFEU(société de protection des forêts contre le feu) et lunch à l'aéroportde Maniwaki- Rouyn-Noranda CYUY: Visite du Centre de téléconduite et de formation d'Hydro-Québec, Buffet de boeuf àl’honneur- Samedi - Sudbury CYSB: dîner BBQ à l'aéroport, visite de Science-Nord en après midi et banquet- Dimanche - Hanover CPN4: brunch de clôture à l’aéroport et visite guidée de la ville en autobus."
Source : La Brousse Express.


Went to Maniwaki to catch up with the participants of the Second annual interprovincial air tour - June 5th 2009

"Tour Descriptions
Vintage Wings of Canada is a private aviation museum (founded by philanthropist Michael Potter) that owns and operates many classic aircraft, most notably various Allied World War II era Aircraft. Most aircraft in the collection are in flying condition and are frequently flown. The museum is located in a 23,000 sq ft hangar that was designed to resemble a wartime military hangar.
SOPFEU: Every year in Quebec, over 800 fires burn hundreds of square kilometres of forest. The forest fire fighting fleet of CL-215 and CL-415 water bombers along with helicopters equipped with water buckets are headquartered at Maniwaki airport and a tour of the facility has been arranged for tour participants.
Hydro Quebec Visitor Centre: The main control centre for Hydro Quebec is located at Rouyn-Noranda. Learn about the production of electricity and how the control centre here directs transmission of energy from the hydraulic generating stations to consumption centres. See and hear the “echoes of a great river” via a multimedia presentation highlighting the Ottawa River.
Science North: Enjoy such exhibits as: Wings Over The North: A 4D Bush Plane Adventure that incorporates 3D film technology with special effects seating that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat; Also - Butterfly Gallery, featuring hundreds of tropical butterflies and dozens of flowering, fragrant plants in a glass-enclosed environment attached to the Science Centre. Watch butterflies emerge from pupae and take a close look through powerful magnifiers.

Hanover – Phil has arranged a spectacular brunch, fuel discounts and gifts from community businesses and local municipalities (you have to go to Hanover to receive the goody bag). Phil also has a scenic bus tour planned to showcase the Walkerton and Hanover area."
Source : www.flyingnorthbay.ca/bulletin_board_airtourjun09.htm

This tour is organized by Aviateurs et Pilotes de Brousse du Québec in collaboration with COPA Flight’s 13 (Sudbury), 54 (Hanover) and 23 (North Bay).
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