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☟☋⍧⋪ɨ₦` μ↯⚣∱⍖ RansomWare_tech-support-24-7.bg2 animated | by Dr. Disney Wizard
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☟☋⍧⋪ɨ₦` μ↯⚣∱⍖ RansomWare_tech-support-24-7.bg2 animated

☟☋⍧⋪ɨ₦` μ↯⚣∱⍖

Have you ever been rushing out of the office on a Friday afternoon and your desktop takes an extra hour to clear while the computer slows to a crawl, then prompts you to update the operating system and reboot? That is an extra four hours for me, unpaid, to babysit the restart while I stare at "Stage 3, do not turn off your computer!" bullshit. That's ☟☋⍧⋪ɨ₦` μ↯⚣∱⍖, cartoon speak for cursive expletives.


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Uploaded on November 18, 2014