Lough Glynn House
I have been photographing an abandoned big house. It is an extensive building comprising house, church and out buildings. These are the photographs from my first visit.
The main house was built by a lord in 1750. It has a grand entrance that leads off into various large hallways and into the living area of the house. The house was burned in the late 19th century and had it's top floor removed.
In 1903 the estate was sold to the church. A convent was opened, teaching young women Home Economics. Later on a nursing home was opened for retired Sisters and other people.
The church was built in the 1960's.
The church building is divided into 3 floors. The distinctive window runs the height of the building. The top floor of the church was converted into nursing home accommodation. The rooms are like cells, and the whole construction has no ceiling. The roof is open and exposed to the elements.
The convent estate was sold to different people. There were plans to turn it into a lakeside hotel. It has been in a derelict condition for a few years. The big house has had a varied history, including a previous period of abandonment. Maybe this stunning building could again be restored and brought back to health.
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