Greenpeace oceans campaign - How's my fishing?
We’re very proud to present you our contribution in the latest Greenpeace campaign against FADs and purse seining.
We designed this infographic because we were commissioned by Greenpeace UK on December 2010. On January, when they published it, in less than three weeks, they already persuaded TESCO (which was the worst tuna fisher in Greenpeace target list) to change their fishing methods.
This list of UK ‘bad guys’ in tuna fishing is made by six: 5 more to persuade.

«Have a look at this great infographic to understand how ocean destruction can end up in your can» (Greenpeace UK, January 2011)
Donato Ricci (Project leader)
Michele Graffieti (main investigator)
Luca Masud, Mario Porpora (designer)
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