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Houstonist - Mustaches for Kids | by deneyterrio
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Houstonist - Mustaches for Kids

The following story appeared on the Houstonist yesterday October 3 2007 and yes that is me!


Thanks Happykatie for the love


October 3, 2007

Heart of Gold: Mustaches for kids (m4k Houston)


Houstonist's 'Heart of Gold' is a regular feature that gives a little love to the people that make a difference. Yes, we randomly get that touchy-feely. So sue us. And share your ideas with us too!


stache_winner.jpgBecause shaving is just so uncharitable, Houston is holding its very first Mustaches For Kids fundraiser event. Didn't think kids needed mustaches did you? Well, think of it like a walkathon where the walking is replaced with facial hair and beer foam retention contests.


All money raised is being donated to M4K Houston's charity of choice - Texas Children's Hospital Cancer Center. Participants meet at Stag's Head Pub to shear themselves bare, drink beer and promise to shave at minimum once a week (other than their mustaches, obviously) during the month-long 'grow season'.


At the end of it all, a 'Sweetest Stache' will be determined at a final M4K Houston pageant where pose-downs/dance-offs, beer foam retention, Q&A and touchability contests will unveil the mustached winner.


Read on for an insightful interview with JayMac, M4K Houston founder and lead mustache enthusiast:


How did you decide to start the m4k here in Houston?

I had vision last year around Christmas about a world so perfect that hairy man gathered to raise money and grow mustaches for kids. A world so right that out of all these amazing follicle fellas one would stand high above them all, one who would be deemed the Sweetest Stache!


Oh and about a couple minutes before that you sent me a link about m4k. It was after the grow season so I have plotting ever since.


What kind of outreach does this organization have nationwide -- how many cities / mustaches are in this now?

Currently there are now 13 chapters with the addition of the Houston chapter. Mustaches are growing everywhere, from San Francisco to Toronto to Richmond. Eager participants in each city have vowed to grow and give. Just know that this holiday season will be a lot hairier thanks to some selfless people.


Jaymac_mustache.jpgSince you're Canadian you may not have heard this yet, but women are allowed to vote here now. Since they're all about 'participating', how do you think that women (the kind without facial hair) can participate in M4K? Or is there a sister charity organization they can join to participate in?

Women are encouraged to participate in the grow season. There are many ways to do this. First you could grow your own. They will obviously be judged as equals. Secondly you could grow an imaginary mustache. Both options will help raise funds for Texas Children’s but with the latter only your imagination can hold back you stache.


The third option is to 'stand by your man'. As you know growing a mustache can be a lonely endeavour, he will need your support in times of self doubt. You will need to be there when he can't go on. The final option would be to be a judge for the Sweet Stache competition. This position comes at a price - bribing is encouraged so judges will have to have a good memory to know who's pocket they are at any given time.


Favorite type of mustache?

Although I love a good handlebar and fu manchu the old fashioned 'pittsburgh' corner to corner staches are the best. This straight up top lip stunner screams 'yeah I like the Steelers and driving a Camaro, what of it?’ Of course this is only one man's dream; other dreams may vary.


Favorite celebrity mustache? The obvious choice is Tom Selleck but I'm going to have to go with Burt Reynolds. That stache may hold the secrets of the known world. When Burt passes, god bless his soul, his stache should go on display at all the major museums. First the Louvre, then perhaps the Sistine Chapel. It should meet with heads of state, dine with royalty, drive for one NASCAR season and eventually become secretary of the defense.


Hints on what you are growing for this year?

As is required of all growers I will be coming as my favorite mustache. I have my idea of whom or what I will be but as you know the mustache will dictate the final outcome so we will see what my upper lip has planned for me. I am but an instrument.


Are you interested in participating in the Mustaches For Kids grow-a-thon? You can sign up online here and be sure to make it to the Stag's Head Pub (2128 Portsmouth) on November 8th for the Mustache Meet & Greet (shaving day is one week later on November 15th). It's for the kids!!!



Photos thanks to Flickr users jasminepark and the fearless Deneyterrio


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